Survival rate among patients in the community suffering cardiac arrest, witnessed by bystander, and found in shockable rhythm

Survival Rates of Cardiac Arrest Patients Found in Shockable Rhythm


This is the survival rate for patients suffering cardiac arrest that is witnessed by a bystander and found to be in a shockable rhythm when EMS responders arrive. However, there are other factors that can increase this percentage such as bystander CPR and AED application. In Johnson County, when bystanders intervene and provide CPR or apply an AED the survival rate has increased. This is truly a remarkable way anyone can help save a life!


It matters because it positively impacts the quality of life in Johnson County. When EMS responders and members of our community work together in a cardiac arrest event, we can help ensure the best possible outcome. We have seen time and again how cardiac arrest victims have survived and have returned to their families, their work and their daily lives. You can help! It only takes a few minutes to learn how to perform “compressions-only CPR” and apply an AED. Johnson County also has another tool that can empower you to save a life. That is PulsePoint. This is an app that can alert you to cardiac arrest events in public places within a quarter of a mile of your location. To learn more you can go to