Average Johnson County air quality (daily average) Part-per-billion (ppb) concentration standard for ozone

Regional Air Quality-Part-per-Billion (ppb) Concentration


Ground level or “bad” ozone isn’t emitted directly into the air. It is a chemical reaction between oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) when in the presence of sunlight. Breathing ozone can cause a variety of health problems for people with asthma or respitory illnesses. Especially in young children or the elderly. Ground level ozone can also cause harm to sensitive vegetation and ecosystems.
The federal standard for ozone has been established at a level equivalent to .075 parts per billion averaged over any 8-hour period. An area will be considered in violation (not meeting the standard) if the average of the annual fourth highest ozone readings at any ozone monitor for any three year period equals or exceeds 75 parts per billion. The target of 70 parts per billion is the midpoint of the moderate air quality range for ozone concentration.